Brain Awareness National Competition in Rwanda - Global Brain Awareness Week Campaign Project in Rwanda

Good news!! Deadline Extended

If you are a high school student or university student, Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) invites you to participate in Brain Awareness National Competition in Rwanda.  The competition introduces all students to issues arising from brain diseases and mental health in Rwanda. 

Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) organized a competition that aims to educate students on how they can fight against brain diseases including mental health in their communities. Students who participate in this competition will gain knowledge on brain diseases, receive participation certificates, and prizes for the winners. In addition, the Rwandan community will benefit as a whole because our organization will work with these students in the long term to help spread awareness of more health pressing issues.

In this competition, a student can choose to do one of the following arts: Educational Workshop Videos, Poems in a video format, Songs in a video format and Cartoon stories in a video format. Students are encouraged to choose one or do all of them as stated above. 

Please follow the instructions below on how to submit your application: 


For more details, here you can watch the introductory video of Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) :


  • The languages of instruction (videos, poems, songs and cartoon stories on brain diseases) are English, French, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili. All topics must be related to brain diseases awareness and mental health.

  • Each applicant can only submit one entry to the contest from each field (video, poem, song and cartoon story on brain diseases awareness). Each applicant must submit a video, song, poem or carton story with a minimum duration of five (5) minutes and a maximum duration of fifteen (15) minutes.

  • The competition is open to team applicants in the category of video, poetry, song and cartoon stories on brain awareness. Each team member should identify his/her contribution to the work clearly. If a team entry is awarded, one award shall be shared among team members.

  • Video, poem, song and cartoon story on brain awareness must not previously published, displayed or used in any competition/program or elsewhere before.  In addition, images, background music, songs, poems used in video, poetry, song and cartoon stories must have no license, copyright, and publication agreements priorly accepted for that particular piece of work.

  • In a situation where you submit other people’s works i.e published from other websites, books or elsewhere, you will be held responsible for the consequences. This also applies to background music or images which must not have any license or copyright.

  • By submitting to the competition, you agree that you accept our terms and conditions.

  • You are solely responsible for the scientific and ethical responsibilities of your submissions. 

  • Clean your camera lens.

  • Make sure the lighting is appropriate.

  • Frame yourself (or the subjects).

  • When you hit the record button, wait at least 2 seconds before you start. The same applies to when you want to finish the recording.

  • Record in landscape format (Ratio 16:9).

  • Good resolution and clear sound (Set your camera recording resolution to HD “720p” or choose MEDIUM in case options available are “LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH”).

  • Send your video along with a word document of English subtitles of what you will be saying.

  • Above all, take a few seconds' test before you start recording.

  • All video, poems, songs and cartoon stories should be taken horizontally to make it easier to edit.

  • Please use the language you are most fluent in.

  • Any necessary editing such as including the Competitions logo or watermark will be done by OHMO’s Team before your video is uploaded.

  • Each applicant’s art (video, poems, songs and cartoon stories) will be uploaded one by one following orders of submission i.e the earlier the submission, the earlier it will be uploaded. There will be no combination of arts while being uploaded or published.

  • Each applicant is responsible for sharing his / her art with other people (friends, family, etc) and ask them to view, like, share, subscribe or comment on  his / her art (video, poems, songs  and cartoon stories). This will increase an applicant's chance of being selected via audience voting.

  • If you use the images or background music which have license or copyright, you will automatically be disqualified. 


  1. Intellectual property rights belong to Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO).

  2. Competition selection process :

  • 60 % of votes by the Oli Health Magazine Organization’s Juries

  • 40 % of votes by the audience - Number of Views - Likes and number of people who will be subscribing to OHMO’s YouTube Channel while watching your art (video, poem, song or cartoon story). 

  1. Languages of instructions during the Brain Awareness National Competition will be in English, French, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili. All topics must be related to brain diseases awareness or mental health.

  2. Anyone who will be attending Brain Awareness National Competition will be required to choose the language he or she is most fluent in because the selection process will be based on the contents, creativity, innovation and the fluency of the language.

  3. The second part of voting will be done by an experienced team of Oli Health Magazine Organization made by medical residents and Doctors who will mainly be focusing on the quality of the contents, message, creativity, and innovation of the arts.


  • Submission Opening: 5th of November 2021

  • Submission Closing: 15th of January 2022

  • Evaluation Period: From the 16thJanuary 2022 to the 26th of January 2022

  • Winners Announcement: 28th of January 2022. Winners will be announced on Oli Health Magazine Organization’s official website and its social media platforms.

NOTE 1: Send your video, poem, song and cartoon story or article together with a word document / PDF document of your name, surname, high school name, university name and a passport photograph/headshot on both of the following mails: [email protected] and [email protected].

NOTE 2: Please upload your video to into your Google Drive and share the link to the editor ( make sure to give the permission to access the file to the following mails: [email protected] and [email protected] )


High school Students, university Students and other people in Rwanda. 


If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Or call, message or WhatsApp: +250782853038



Google form link: 


Total number of winners: 10

Only top ten (10) applicants will be awarded (from the first to the tenth).



  • Olivier UWISHEMA - Founder & Chairman of Oli Health Magazine Organization, Turkey

  • Rehema Mwazighe – Project Director at Oli Health Magazine Organization, Freiburg, Germany

  • Daniel TUYISENGE - President of Auditing Committee & Strategic Planning at Oli Health Magazine Organization, USA

  • Martin AHISHAKIYE - Rwanda Project Team Lead and Vice-President of Oli Health Magazine Organization, Kigali, Rwanda

  • Hilaire Shimwamana, Director of Innovation and Creative Art at Oli Health Magazine Organization, Kigali, Rwanda.

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