Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO), an International Scientific Research Academy that empowers, educates and supports people especially youth to take better care of themselves and create a very healthy world by providing trusted & well researched medical information from professional medical providers all over the world. We strive for excellence by providing young people quality and health education through training, researches, mentorship and networking.


A) Providing complete, relevant, trusted and well researched medical information from medical professionals all over the world such as medical students, doctors, professors and other professional health providers.

B) Making the world a better place by educating the youth how to better take care of themselves  because today's youths are our future world leaders, public figures, doctors, businessmen/women, teachers, lawyers, etc..

C) Encouraging young men and women who are in medical fields (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, public health,..) to do research or write educational medical/health articles which can  improve the lives of many people, especially youths across the globe.

D) Encouraging the youth across the globe to think outside the box with creative and innovative ideas which may have a positive impact on the lives of many people.

E) Empowering and supporting young men and women across the globe to become part of the solutions to the most pressing problems their communities are facing.

F) Encouraging people, especially the youth all over the world to involve ICT in their daily health related studies.


  • To be a trusted and leading educational medical website for youth health issues across the globe.
  • Educating and training professionals to deliver quality health care for all.

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