Dr. Yusuf Yeşil

Dr. Yusuf Yeşil, M.D., graduated from Istanbul Medical School, was the founder of “Yesil Science” startup in 2015, after his internships at Harvard Medical School and Stanford University Medicine throughout his university studies. After his graduation he entered the Istanbul Medical School “Medical Biochemistry” department as the 150th in TUS exam (Medical Specialization Examination) and began specialized training in  this discipline.

Dr.Yesil, the founder of the team that develops solutions for the applications of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D drawing, animations and the production of visual technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),to make molecular processes that are not visible to be understandable with AR technology and to bring a new dimension to classical narratives by transferring drug action mechanisms to holographic models.

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