Lubanga Focus Adriano

Lubanga Focus Adriano is presently a third-year medical student at University of Malawi, College of medicine. He is a former executive member of the Standing Committee on sexual and reproductive health (SCORA) and a core member of the Standing Committee on public health (SCOPH) working under International Federation of Medical Students’ Malawi (IFMSA-Malawi). He is also a Co-founder of the Young medics reach out and touch team (YOMEROT), whose goal is to reach out to vulnerable people in the society and help them physically, socially aswel as psychologically. He was also in the MBBS 2 welfare organization steering committee (a registered organization by the College of Medicine), whose goal was to assist MBBS 2 needy and deserving students have access to medical equipment as they make their transition to clinical years. Throughout his stay in college, he has done short course trainings in adolescent mental health, social innovation for health, public health and research. He is also affiliated to a research organization known as Clinical research, education and management services (CREAMS), that operates here in Malawi and many other countries. In February 2020, he also awarded an opportunity to attend the march New York Change the world model united nations assembly (CMUN), however due to COVID the conference was cancelled. 

  He has interests in public health (Research), epidemiology, and infectious diseases. 

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