Hilaire SHIMWAMANA he is a software engineer to be, he’s completing a Bachelor degree in software engineering at INES Ruhengeri University. He is well known in the field for his distinct programming style and his dedication to transparency and open-source development, utilizing the latest in developments from the software world-wide to ensure his application is up-to-date.
Hilaire finished high school in 2018 where he get A2 in Computer Electronic at College de Bethel/APARUDE. Apart from that Hilaire likes graphic design so much, in his free time he likes designing different things like logo, carton animation, education video, infographics and many more. In 25th July/2020 Hilaire got the 10th Rank in Coronavirus Global Awareness Project in Rwanda organized by OHMO (Oli Health Magazine Organization) and he get certified in that completion.
He enjoys designing new algorithms to make software run more efficiently and hopes to continue enabling better software solutions in future.

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