Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO), an International Scientific Research Academy that empowers, educates and supports people especially youth to take better care of themselves and create a very healthy world by providing trusted & well researched medical information from professional medical providers all over the world. We strive for excellence by providing young people quality and health education through training, researches, mentorship and networking. 

So, If you are a medical student, doctor, professor, or an expert in any medical field, you are more than welcome! Your educational medical article can teach, improve and save the lives of many people across the globe.

You can write your well researched and original educational medical article either in English, French, Turkish or Kinyarwanda. Your educational health article will be reviewed by a scientific and academic committee of professionals and students committee before being published on the website.



1. We strongly encourage all writers to become familiar with Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) and the types of articles we publish. We are interested in all educational medical/health articles that seek to improve the lives of people especially youths across the globe.

2. Proofread carefully. Your educational medical article should come to us free from grammatical and spelling errors. Have a trusted friend read your article before you submit.

3. If you have photos that you do not own, please provide a link to website for authorship.

4. Include a photo of yourself and brief bio about you, your experienceS, education, and personal information such as email address, phone number, etc.

5. You are welcomed and encouraged to share your educational medical articles to other audience via social medias after publishing. You can also share the referenced and linked Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO)’s article on your blog or website. This helps avoid the Google viewing an article as plagiarism.

6. Cite your sources. Citing evidences are very important to us.

7. Provide readers with a helpful takeaway, anything that makes the readers think, ‘’ Woow!! I learned something new today from Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO).’’

8. Your title should tell the reader exactly what your educational medical article is about in the snazziest way possible.

9. Stand out above the crowds!! What makes your educational medical/ health related article unique from other publications on the Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO)’s website.


1. Do not submit articles from other websites, blogs or marketing services. Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) accepts articles from different professional health providers including medical students, faculty, staff, experts and members of the medical field.

2. Do not submit previously published work.

3. Your published educational medical article must not be published online elsewhere without a permission from Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) or a reference to and a link back website’s article at Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO).

4. In case of of referencing a real-patient scenario, the author should never write anything that may reveal the patient’s identity: true names, location, date of birth and specific physical features.


◾By submitting to Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO), you agree that you accept our terms and conditions and any form of editing the Oli Health Magazine Editors deem necessary.

Not all educational/health related articles will be published, and due to the high volume of submissions we receive, there may be a delay in publication of weeks or even months. This does not necessarily reflect your writing or work. But we will et you know immediately after publishing your article.

◾Sometimes the articles may not be quite up to Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) standards. So do not let this discourage you from continuing to write and sharing your articles with us.

◾The articles published on Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO)’s website belongs to scientific and ethical responsibilities writings.

◾Sometimes Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) can select among the inbox messages, comments, opinions, advice or suggestions and share them with different audience on social medias.

◾In a situation where you submit other people’s works i.e published from other websites, books or elsewhere, you will be held responsible for the consequences.

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